Over time and with continuous improvement in vehicle studies we have gained knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions always within the framework of Greek legislation and European Directives of the EU.

The organized and specialized department of engineering and technical support of GOUNARIDIS & ASSOCIATES , in terms of vehicles special constructions, it implements advantageous innovative conversions and adaptations, depending on the needs of each customer or each company.  

We undertake:

  • Studies for Special Transport Vehicles.
  • Studies for Special Purpose Vehicles – special use.
  • Adaptation studies of trucks –  semi-trailers – trailers .
  • Bus studies.
  • Hydraulic loading platform studies (Hydraulic door).
  • Studies of Hydraulic self – loading mechanisms according to the current decisions of the Ministry of Environment. 
  • Removable vehicle body studies (buckets-chains).
  • Studies of notified vehicles for traction of passenger cars and light trucks.
  • ADR studies

With an extremely experienced staff that offers consulting and design services we complete the process of the technical file of the vehicle together with the registration permit for the Directorates of Transport & Communications. 

Pursuant to Directive 2007/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 September 2007 establishing a framework for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers and systems, components and separate technical units, the European Union continues its efforts to ensure the highest possible level of safety for all road users.

It proposes, in this direction, new technical provisions for the automotive industry. These provisions also strengthen the functioning of the internal market and simplify the process of approving motor vehicles while ensuring a high degree of safety and environmental protection.

We undertake:

  • Trailers and Semi-trailers or frames (Made in Greece or Imported).
  • Approval of Individual Vehicles
  • Lorries or Trailer Campers
  • Buses (Made in Greece or Imported)

The excellent knowledge of the current legislation in combination with the experience of the required procedures, enable us to deal quickly and with absolute reliability with any study submitted from the above cases during the issuance of type approval by the Vehicle Technology Directorate and the competent Transport Services.

In technical projects the use of mechanical equipment is important if not necessary. Project machinery means all vehicles that operate motor thermal engine such as excavators, loaders, self-propelled cranes etc.

The Project Machinery must bear a special registration plate (yellow). The plate bears the special number with which the specific machine has been inventoried / registered in the lists of the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and the registration license has been issued.

The use and capability of the machine is specified in the manufacturer’s operating manual that came with the machine. The machines must have all the prescribed components (eg pins, lights, wipers, etc. ) which work well in accordance with (PD 394/95). The machines in what is necessary must have the certification of their lifters.

With the team of experienced engineers and consultants that we have, we make sure that you are properly used in a project machine with all the specifications required by the current legislation.

We undertake :

  • The issuance of registration permit and plates for the machinery (if necessary, we undertake the whole process for individual type approval)
  • We inspect the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s instructions, its immediate repair in case of failure of any system / component is a prerequisite for the correct, efficient and safe operation of the machine.
  • We issue a lifting capacity certificate from a recognized certification body (where required).
  • We check if there is a maintenance and repair card together with the lifting capacity certificates (at least photocopies) that accompany the machine at the construction site and must be requested and checked before the start of operation of the machine at the project.
  • We check if the operator of the machine must have the necessary driving license and experience. (The above is not required for the issuance of a registration permit only for the use of the machinery) If they do not have a driver’s license, they are not allowed to drive any project machinery. (We have the ability and knowledge through special seminars to prepare everyone interested in order to take exams for the vehicle pilot license).

With the staff we have, we complete the whole process for the issuance of the registration permit and the plates for the Directorates of Technical Works.

All these years in the field of industry we have managed to gain a great experience and know-how with an organized and highly specialized department of studies together with our partners, of any size of industry and craft business or professional laboratory.

We undertake the permits for the processing activities:

  • Craft / Industry Permits
  • Vocational Laboratory Permits
  • Mechanical Installation Permits for the Provision of Services
  • Warehouse Permits subject to the provisions of Law 3982/2011
  • Warehouse Permits subject to the provisions of Law 4302/2014

With all the necessary supporting documents and the preparation of the technical file required by the Department of Licensing of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources and Professions, we complete the licensing of the processing activity of each company.

We, the team of GOUNARIDIS & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS, investing in knowledge and constantly monitoring the provisions of Greek legislation, have succeeded in a short period of time to be one of the most comprehensive and reliable proposals for implementation and services in the field of  permits for the operation of health-regulated establishments.

For the issuance of the notification of operation of health-regulated establishments of each category of companies , our first step is to make a pre-inspection of the space in which a company wants to invest by a GOUNARIDIS & ASSOCIATES engineering consultant,  because there are many factors that determine whether a certificate of installation and notification of operation of the establishment can be issued in the specific area.

We undertake the whole process and the elaboration of the studies of the following categories:

  • Health-regulated Establishments

Catering Businesses offering complete meals or snacks, as well as Leisure Businesses (restaurants, grills houses, snack bars, chow halls, cafes, bars and other similar activities).

  • Food and Beverage Retail Stores

Grocery stores, butchers, greengrocers, fish shops, wine cellars, nuts and confectionery shops, bakeries, pastry shops, coffee mill shops and similar activities.

  • Health Service Stores

Hairdressers, hand-foot care shops, tattoo parlours, health service stores within tourist resorts and vending machines ).

  • Συνεργεία επισκευής και συντήρησης οχημάτων (γενικό συνεργείο , μοτοσυκλετών , μικροφθορών αμαξωμάτων, φανοποιείο, συνεργείο τροχών , εξατμίσεων )
  • Σταθμοί οχημάτων Parking (υπαίθριων και στεγασμένων ιδιωτικών και δημόσιων χώρων με υγρά καύσιμα ή χωρίς)
  • Εταιρείες οδικής βοήθειας
  • Ιδιωτικά Κέντρα Τεχνικού Ελέγχου Οχημάτων (ΙΚΤΕΟ)
  • Πλυντήρια – Λιπαντήρια Οχημάτων
  • Συνεργεία Επισκευής και Συντήρησης Μηχανημάτων Έργων

      Αναλαμβάνουμε την έκδοση  για : 

  1. Βεβαιώσεις Χρήσεων Γης
  2. Ηλεκτρολογικές μελέτες.
  3. Μελέτες εξαερισμού – αερισμού Τοπογραφικά.
  4. Μελέτη πυρασφάλειας και έκδοση πιστοποιητικού.
  5. Μελέτη Ηλεκτροφωτισμού για κυκλοφοριακή σύνδεση (όπου απαιτείται)
  6. Έγκρισης Κυκλοφοριακής Σύνδεσης (όπου απαιτείται).
  7. Έγκρισης Περιβαλλοντικών Όρων.
  8. Έκδοση Άδειας Ασκήσεως Επαγγέλματος.
  9. Άδεια ιδρύσεως
  10. Άδεια Λειτουργίας

    Με όλες τις απαραίτητες ενέργειες προς τις Διευθύνσεις Μεταφορών & Επικοινωνιών για την ολοκλήρωση της αδειοδότησης της επιχείρησης σας.

The preparation of a fire protection study is required in accordance with the current legislation in the following general cases: The year of construction of the property determines when a passive fire protection study is required to be submitted to the town planning and where permanent fire protection systems are required in accordance with the current legislation. Then, an active fire protection study is prepared.

All buildings, regardless of their use, are distinguished in terms of fire protection into existing and new. It is important to know the year of construction of the property, so that we can prepare the active study each time differently.

In order to propose the best solutions having specialized knowledge together with our partners in accordance with the current legislation for the taking of measures and means of fire protection and fire safety of high-risk areas, we prepare fire safety studies and undertake the approval of the competent Fire Service together with the issuance of certificate of all kinds of professional space and activities such as:

  • Public gathering places (Restaurant, Bar, Cafes etc)
  • Stores
  • Vehicle Repair Workshops
  • Car Stations
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Camps
  • Kindergartens
  • Gyms

We can provide you with guaranteed solutions for every particularity of your building or your business.

Safety Consultant for the transport of Dangerous Goods

The Safety Consultant for the transport of Dangerous Goods (consultant) is each person appointed by the head of the company and has as their main mission to seek every means and to promote every action, in the context of the relevant activities of the company, in order to facilitate the execution of activities in compliance with applicable regulations and under optimal security conditions.

GOUNARIDIS & Associates undertakes with Mr Dimitrios Gounaridis, certified consultant, to meet the legislative requirements of contract with a Safety Consultant for the transport of Dangerous Goods in a company:       

  • the procedures for compliance with the rules for the recognition of transported dangerous goods,
  • the company’s practice of taking into account, when purchasing the means of transport, any special needs in relation to the dangerous goods transported,
  • the inspection procedures of the material used for the transport of dangerous goods or for the loading and unloading operations, the fact that the competent staff of the company has received appropriate training which is recorded in its file, the application of appropriate emergency procedures in case of accidents or incidents that may affect safety during the transport of dangerous goods or during loading and unloading operations,
  • the analysis and, if necessary, the reporting of accidents, incidents or serious infringements found during the carriage of dangerous goods or during loading and unloading operations,
  • the implementation of appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of accidents, incidents or serious infringements,
  • taking into account the legal requirements and special needs in relation to the transport of dangerous goods when selecting and using subcontractors or other intermediaries,
  • verifying whether the personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods or the loading and unloading of such goods have execution procedures and detailed instructions,
  • raising awareness of the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods or the loading and unloading of such goods,
  • the implementation of inspection methods to ensure the existence, in the means of transport, of the documents and safety equipment that must accompany the transport and the compliance of those documents and equipment with the relevant regulations,
  • the application of inspection methods to ensure compliance with the rules on loading and unloading operations.

 Pursuant to paragraph 1.8.3 of the ADR Agreement, according to which, companies whose activities involve the transport, or related packaging, loading or unloading of dangerous goods by road are obliged to appoint one or more safety consultants for the transport of dangerous goods, responsible to avoid risks inherent in such activities with regard to persons, property and the environment.    

The company EUROCHECK Ltd. as Greek Independent Certification and Control Body, accredited by the National Accreditation System (E.SY.D.), has signed a contract with our agency and has included Mr  Gounaridis Dimitrios (CEO of GOUNARIDIS & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS ) in the team of the inspectors.

We undertake as main field of work the Initial and Periodic Audits (Type AA, Type A and Type B)

More specifically, Lifting Machines are subject to mandatory 

  • Initial Audit, Type AA . The purpose of the Initial Audit is to ensure the correct installation and proper operation of the Lifting Machine. 

  • Periodic Re-examination , which is divided into two types: 
    • Type A (complete audit). 
    • Type B (partial audit). 

  Field of Lifting Machines that we certify : 

  1. Shipbuilding cranes, port service cranes.
  2. Cranes operating in steel mills, foundries or other installations where hazardous materials are handled, cranes with a capacity equal to or greater than 2 tons.
  3. Cranes operating in steel mills, foundries or other installations where hazardous materials are handled, cranes with a capacity of less than 2 tons.
  4. Crane bridges with a capacity equal to or more than 5 tons
  5. Crane bridges with a capacity of less than 5 tons.
  6. Building tower cranes
  7. Small construction cranes up to 250 kg
  8. Wall-mounted or mast-mounted cranes with a capacity of 2 tons or more.
  9. Wall or mast cranes with a capacity of less than 2 tons.
  10. Lifts for which there is a risk of the operator or other worker falling from a vertical height of more than 3 m.
  11. Construction machines that are: Cranes, Basket trucks, Cranes-excavators, Crane bridges.
  12. Elevators for lifting household appliances, catering, aircraft
  13. Lifts for sick aircraft passengers, work platforms
  14. Concrete pumps
  15. Forklifts
  16. Lifting bridges for vehicles over 4 m.
  17. Lifting bridges for vehicles up to 4 m.
  18. Vehicle collection cranes
  19. Manual lifting machines over 100 kg
  20. Non-motorized lifts
  21. Hydraulic mechanisms with scissor platforms with a capacity of more than 200 kg
  22. Work platforms.

Issuance of Certification

The Certificate concerns only a specific lifting machine of the customer.

Certification of Products, Processes & Services (Classification of Tourist Accommodations)

According to the legal framework for the classification of hotels and Furnished Rooms-Apartments for Rent (L.4276 / 2014 (Government Gazette A ‘155) the competent body for the issuance of classification certificates for Hotels and Furnished Rooms-Apartments for Rent, in categories of stars and keys respectively, is the Hotel Chamber of Greece (X.E.E.).

A necessary condition for the Tourist Accommodation is the existence of the Special Operation Signal. For the new Tourist Accommodations, the process begins immediately after the submission of the relevant file to the relevant P.Y.T and the issuance of the Special Operation Signal. The company initially applies to the Hotel Chamber of Greece for the issuance of the Certificate of Classification. Then, the operator of the Accommodation selects the desired Control and Certification Body from the register of Hotel Chamber of Greece for the control and inspection of the Accommodation, in order to issue the Technical Report and the issuance of the Certificate of Assistance of the conditions for the classification of the Accommodation, for the specific category of stars or keys. Finally, the official issuance of the Certificate of Classification by the Hotel Chamber of Greece.

We undertake the classification process:

  • Signing of the Contract with the Institution
  • On-Site Audit & Inspection by the Inspector of the Agency at the Accommodation
  • Compilation of Technical Report & Certificate of Assistance from the Institution and sending to the Hotel Chamber of Greece.
  • Issuance of classification certificate by the Hotel Chamber of Greece.

Our inspectors are highly trained and have many years of experience in the field in order to carry out and complete the certification dossier.

The ISO 9001: 2015 standard is an internationally recognized standard for the creation, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System for every company and organization.

ISO 9001 is used by organizations, companies and enterprises of any size and any form. 

ISO 9001: 2015, as an international standard, is recognized as the basis for every company in its effort to create a system that ensures continuous customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement.

The control is done by an independent certification body, the customers do not need to control the company themselves.

Benefits of the Quality Management System : 

  • Achieving and maintaining the quality of services and products to meet legal requirements, customer requirements, etc. 
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improving business performance and productivity.
  • Reduction of costs due to internal issues of organization and operation.
  • Defining responsibilities and responsibilities to all staff involved
  • Quickly perform corrective actions.
  • Increase business confidence, solvency and prestige.

According to Law 1568/85 and P.D. 17/96 the responsibilities of the safety technician to the employer are advisory and they have the obligation to supervise the working conditions.

According to Law 1568/85 and P.D. 17/96 the responsibilities of the safety technician to the employer are advisory and they have the obligation to supervise the working conditions.

  1. According to Law 1568/85 and P.D. 17/96 the responsibilities of the safety technician to the employer are advisory and they have the obligation to supervise the working conditions.
  2. According to Law 1568/85 and P.D. 17/96 the responsibilities of the safety technician to the employer are advisory and they have the obligation to supervise the working conditions.
  3. According to Law 1568/85 and P.D. 17/96 the responsibilities of the safety technician to the employer are advisory and they have the obligation to supervise the working conditions.

The safety technician has, in the exercise of his work, moral independence towards the employer and the employees. Any disagreement with the employer, regarding issues of their competence, can not be a reason for termination of his contract. In any case, the dismissal of the Safety Technician must be justified.


The safety technician has the obligation to maintain business secrecy.

The Occupational Risk Assessment Study, regardless of the number of employees employed by a private and public sector company for the prevention and treatment of risks in the work environment, is obliged to keep the study for the prevention of accidents at work up to date according to Law 3805/2010, article 43.

The methodology we use for the preparation of the occupational risk assessment study has the following stages:

  • Description and recording of the production process
  • Analysis of production phases to identify risk factors
  • Interview with the employees of the company on issues of health and safety of the company
  • Identification of sources of danger (safety, health and transverse hazards)
  • Risk analysis per position
  • Recording of existing security measures
  • Recording of uncontrolled exposure risks
  • Identification of exposure hazards
  • Quantification of factors of the working environment
  • Risk assessment results 
  • Written occupational risk assessment

At the end of the study, a presentation on health and safety at work takes place for the executives of the company by a group of engineering consultants and associates that we have.

According to Greek legislation (Law 3850/2010), every company and its employer is obliged to ensure the health and safety of employees and to take measures to ensure the health and safety of third parties.

This field of activity is addressed to all sizes of companies and organizations where the work environment may pose risks to health and the possibility of occupational diseases.

These activities are technical projects, industries of any productive activity, operation of construction machinery, heavy vehicles, work at height and in difficult weather conditions, cleaning and collection of waste, health care work, manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc.

Preventive medical examinations include:

  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Visual Acuity Measurement ( Visiotest )

The above examinations are performed either at the workplace of the company or at cooperating medical centers, by scientific staff under the supervision of the Scientific Officer of the Occupational Physician. 

Waste storage & management

The GOUNARIDIS & ASSOCIATES , having the advantage of involvement in numerous vehicles engineering studies, in electromechanical studies for the foundation and operation permits of vehicle service establishments and in studies for the Industry sector, has expertise and specialization for a flawless elaboration of studies.  

More specifically, we undertake within the field of Environment:

  • Environmental Studies.
  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Solid & Liquid Waste Environmental
  • Solid & Liquid Transport, Collection & Temporary Storage Permits.

All our associates and executives have academic knowledge and excellent professional experience related to engineering and environmental issues.